The great Kristen Wiig returned to host SNL this week, giving the show an opportunity to resurrect all of the characters that vanished from show since her departure a year ago. Although many great characters came back, none were quite as exciting as the return of Target Lady, one of the most popular characters in all of modern SNL.

As always, the sketch is all about Wiig's utterly bizarre Target cashier, who obliviously makes the lives of every customer she encounters difficult. The scene spends no time reintroducing the character, immediately launching into crazy moment after crazy moment. Wiig doesn't do anything particular new with Target Lady, but it's fun to see her back, excited about every item that every customer is buying and learning valuable life lessons (like "not every lesbian wears a vest" and "Coca Cola is dark brown").

Much of last night's episode was all about Wiig sliding right back into the show as if she never left and it was never more evident here. SNL has had its ups and downs in the past year (as it always does), but sketches like this remind us just how much we miss Wiig's presence on the show.