No matter how great a threat the evil Star Wars Empire poses, the Rebel Alliance can rest assured that a clumsy Jennifer Lawrence won't accidentally destroy it from the inside.

In a new collection of spoof Star Wars auditions released by Saturday Night Live yesterday (May 31), some of Hollywood's biggest names (and some SNL talent who impersonate them) put forth their best Luke or Leia to nab roles in Episode VII. The galaxy far, far away doesn't necessarily agree with them.

Though Vanessa Bayer as J-Law — who's dressed in an imperial robe — might look the part, she proves to be a bigger klutz than C-3PO. "This is so exciting for me 'cause I'm such a dork," Bayer says during the mock-screen test. "You know, friggin' space ships flying around and junk. It's like so cool."

Then, as she gestures for a blaster, she — true to form — falls in a way that would make an AT-AT's collapse seem delicate.

"You're, like, totally gonna give me the part now 'cause you feel bad for me," she demands to-camera.

And in the realm of looking straight-to-camera, Kyle Mooney as Shia LaBeouf nails it. Rather than stick to the script, he sits in silence, and watches one of his own forceful affirmations through tears. Jedi hopefuls must be in touch with their emotions, after all...

Watch the clip above for more yet-unseen auditions, including Sasheer Zamata as Janelle Monae, Taran Killam as Joseph Gordon-Levitt and an actually clueless Matthew McConaughey.

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