Yup, Snooki & Mike Tyson are some of the names being tossed around to compete in the next season of Dancing With The Stars.  They are also considering either Rob or Kim Kardashian and even Christina Milian.

Other potential hoofers? Mike Tyson, 45, "is being considered," explains a second insider (though the boxer's rep says this is "not true"). Plus, producers are talking to R&B singer Christina Milian, 29. "She's a possibility!" the source tells Us.

When I think about this entire fiasco only 1 prospect of hope comes out of this possibility.  And that is when the season ends, Mike Tyson beats the living crap out of Snookie & Kim Kardashian.  I absolutely hate those 2 girls.  And come somebody please explain to me why they are "stars"?  Okay Kim is popular because she discraced her family by allowing a sex tape featuring her and Ray J to hit the internet.  The power of her booty along with the sex tape made her popular.  Lets face it, only guys really give a damn about Kim and they prefer she just stand there looking good and not speak at all.  Snookie is a "star" because she makes an ass out of herself and her country on a show called Jersey Shore.  Both ladies have zero talent or marketable skills.  So I am thinking when the season ends, 3 rounds each with Mike Tyson.  Winner get's to eat the loser's ear!

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