If you can’t stand the ‘Jersey Shore‘ cast and hoped recent news of Snooki’s pregnancy would mess up MTV’s plans for the hit show, guess what, your prayers have not been answered. In fact MTV has stated the show must go on, and with a pregnant Snooki, the only thing we may not see in the upcoming sixth season is the pint-sized mother-to-be doing the ‘Jersey Turnpike’ at Karma.

Snooki will remain on the show, a sign of how MTV believes the now three-months pregnant star may bring in even more viewers now that she’s got a “little Snooks in the oven.” No news on whether or not Snooki’s fiance Jionni LaValle will join the cast, but it’s unlikely, considering reports say he is a “normal” guy. And you know normal people just don’t belong on ‘Jersey Shore.’

“While things will definitely be a little different this time when they hit the boardwalk, their trademark hilarity and family dysfunction will remain the same,” said MTV, desperately.

Snooki’s baby may not come out tanned, but it’s likely that the new season will have parental groups complaining about how the Seaside Heights shore house may not be the most suitable environment for a baby to be raised in. (Hopefully the poor baby won’t sleep in ‘The Smush Room.’) Then again, Jersey Shore thrives on controversy, doesn’t it?

[Via Gawker]

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