We all remember The Price Is Right, right?  Well the show is happens every weekday with host Drew Carey and this week is celebrity week.  So it makes sense that Snoop Dogg would be on there.

Every day this week a different celebrity will helping out a regular contestant.  Now it is Celebrity Charity Week so the contestant gets to keep all their prizes, but the show will match the winning amount and donates that to the celebrity's charity of choice.

Yesterday big Snoop D-o-double G was on and he won more than $72 thousand for his inner city football league.  And let me tell you Snoop knows how much groceries cost.  Him and his contestant were just $.65 away from the correct total.  He also assisted in games like Plinko and spinning the big wheel.

Here is video of him playing the grocery game.

Other celebrities on this week include Jenny MCarthy, Neil Patrick Harris, Chris Daughtry and Heidi Klum.  Let's see if they are as successful as Snoop.

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