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I am a steadfast lover of snow cones and I think it’s because I had a Snoopy Sno Cone Machine while growing up. Alas, the Snoopy-themed maker has been replaced by other characters (like Olaf!) and improved upon thanks to modern advancements but that doesn’t stop my unwavering love of that special kind of cold, sweet and syrupy deliciousness. Cool off while curbing your own cravings this summer thanks to these highly-rated at-home snow cone makers.

Nostalgia IS2AQ Electric Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Maker

This little electric shaved ice and snow cone maker is sure to be a party favorite thanks to the 360° viewing chamber that lets you watch the magic happen. The stainless steel cutting blades work quickly and efficiently to turn ice into fluffy snow that’s begging to be flavored. It even comes with a special mold to make shaveable ice discs that fit perfectly into the machine (but you can still use standard ice cubes if you’re in a pinch). I do suggest purchasing additional reusable plastic cones since there’s only one included and one snow cone is just never enough.


MANBA Premium Portable Ice Shaver and Snow Cone Machine

The MANBA Ice Shaver & Snow Cone Machine is kind of like a choose-your-own-adventure snow cone creator. It’s run by a hand crank that works with different pressure levels from the lid so you can produce coarse crushed ice or fine shavings and since it’s manually operated that means you can use it anywhere and anytime with no electricity required! Pair it up with some syrups, cups and straws and you’ve got a portable snow-cone party that’s rearing to go.


Little Snowie Max Snow Cone Machine

The Little Snowie may be a little pricey but it’s the fastest home ice shaver on the planet and turns regular ice cubes into perfect fluffy snow in just 3 seconds! And that’s really not surprising considering Snowie LLC is a long-standing leader in the commercial shaved ice game that wanted to make it possible for everyone that loves to enjoy delicious shaved ice right at home without having to venture out to fairs, amusement parks or sporting events to get their fix.


Nostalgia 54-Inch Tall Snow Cone Cart

I cannot get over how adorable this full-sized snow cone cart is! Perfect for block parties, family reunions or any other kind of gathering, this bad boy holds enough snow for up to 72 8oz snow cones while the convenient cone dispenser and storage compartment keeps supplies on hand and organized. It comes with (almost) everything you need to get started including 100 paper cups, 100 straws and an ice scoop but you’ll need to stock up on some quality syrup to get the party started.

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Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine

The Hawaiian brand is a heavy-hitter in the snow cone game and now you can enjoy Hawaiian Shaved Ices without leaving the house. This all-inclusive package comes with everything you need to start slinging snow cones including electric countertop shaver, paper cups, plastic spoon straws, three syrups, mess-free syrup pourers and ice molds. Compared to the price of other ice shavers on the market, you really can’t beat this one from Hawaiian Shaved Ice.