So as we were sitting in the hospital last week for the birth of our daughter, my wife brought up that she heard people actually take lunch breaks at BSA.

I thought to myself, why would you actually decide to go to a HOSPITAL for lunch?

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Well after spending a couple of days there, I can understand the appeal.

After we got ourselves settled in our room, the wife was getting hungry. Well one of the beautiful things about BSA is that mom & dad of new babies get their meals for free. We definitely took advantage of that perk.

The menu was overly surprising. It was full of just a bunch of basic stuff. There were some fancy pastas, like the Sun Dried Tomato Ravioli the wife got one evening. I branched out and tried the breaded catfish.

Usually when you think of hospital food, you think bland and just mediocre at best. Before we'd tried the food, it baffled me that you'd actually choose to go there for lunch. I was wrong.

The food is really surprisingly good! Solid flavor, well cooked and not bland at all. However, as we sat in the room during the day I began to think about how much it probably costs a normal patron to buy food.

I got thirsty as the evening progressed and decided to wander down to the actual cafeteria to grab a drink. When I came around the corner I was immediately blown away at how big it was.

I got my drink and wandered around it a bit. The selection of things in there was amazing. You could find just about any kind of snack you wanted, and of course a grill.

As I'm taking a look at the grill, I looked up at the screens with the menu. Such a solid selection of different things you can get. I was intrigued by the patty melt.

I became even more intrigued when I saw the price. It was $3.49 if memory serves correct. That's cheaper than getting one at a fast food joint, and honestly I'm betting it tastes better.

My guess is because the hospital is right up the street from the station, you'll find me heading there to try out different things on the menu...and save a little money doing so. It's literally the don't knock it until you try it kind of thing.

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