Friends... Some will do anything for you, some would do anything to make you pee your pants.

Some duo from Washington might be the dumbest two-man group in the country. We're talking dumb on a Harry and Lloyd level.

For some reason, one of the guys decided he would rest his head on a log, while the other friend literally throws a freaking tomahawk at it. I'm sorry, but even if my best friend was the greatest tomahawk thrower in the world, I wouldn't come within 20 feet of his target. This guy placed his head inched away from the target...Insane!

Maybe he didn't think his friend would actually try it... But he did, and thankfully he didn't murder his buddy.

The tomahawk came flying into the log and a high rate of speed, causing the guy with his head on the log to immediately abort the mission. It seemed like he was shocked as he quickly stood up and shouted, "No, no we're done" while he walked off.

The worst part? The axe-thrower had a beer in his hand!

Check it out!


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