Well, because so many are dropping the thermostat settings in their homes the power grids in Texas are being pushed to the brink.

So, power companies have been asking citizens in Texas to raise their A/C thermostats to 78-82 degrees, in hopes of conserving power.

Yes, some in Texas are saying that power companies are adjusting the thermostats that they have in their home and many are now finding ways around this.

Some have ripped their thermostat off the wall and bypassed it, while others are suggesting using a heating blanket to "trick" those adjusting your thermostat.

I don't know if this is legal, but it does appear that the power grid is being tested again, and those in charge seem to be doing whatever it takes to conserve.

I do ask, how would you feel if someone was adjusting your thermostat in your home? You can let us know what you'd do by commenting on the social media page that provided the link to this story.


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