When Love goes wrong, it goes FUBAR.

I'm sure you can think back to that one relationship that went sour. Most of us have at least one bad go at love. We live and we learn. Right?

Well..I've got a tale of a relationship that spoiled like milk in the hot June sun and has attained the level of "What The Hell Is This Jerry Springer Nonsense?"

And it takes place in my favorite little town of all time. The birthplace of Jason "The Coffeepot" Collier: Stinnett, Texas.


How It Started

Boy meets girl. Girl is promised the world. Boy moves girl and her five children into a house he has in Stinnett. Life is sweet when you're in love, but as you know...Love can be fickle.

Boy moves back to Amarillo for work. "Work" being none other than another pretty thing he decides to shack up with there. Girl in Stinnett gets wind of how Boy is "Working" and things quickly (and messily) go up in flames.

How It's Going

"I'm done," says Girl in Stinnett. And she means it. Boy is shocked and appalled to see the consequences of his philandering actions.

Girl offers to pay Boy rent through end of January and find herself and the kids another place.

"That would be the best and logical adult thing to do," Girl assumes.

However, she would soon discover that she possessed the bigger brain between the two.

"How dare there be consequences to my wandering weenie!" he cries in confusion.

Which brings us to the the messiest part: the young man decides to give the Girl and her five children the boot--and swiftly so. He drove up to Stinnett that night and boy.....it was a mess.

Doors were banging, people were yelling, and somewhere in the mix was Sergeant Tanner Edwards of the Stinnett Police Department and he was tired of everybody that night. Some where in there, furniture was taken out of the house and heck, the Boy even managed to disconnect some utilities. Not sure on the legality of that one yet.

Actually, Here's A Video Of It

Yes, a video. A very chaotic video.

I enjoyed watching it because I got to play my favorite game where I rate certain things as "Legal", "Kinda Legal", and "Definitely Not Legal".

See, lover's quarrel aside, if you decide to kick someone out of a home and that person can show that they definitely live there...law says you better give a notice to vacate.

And a Notice To Vacate has to be done a certain way, signed a certain way, and delivered a certain way. I bet we haven't seen the last of this crew.

What I'm personally confused about is why that boy is talking about eviction on a Sunday evening when it's well established that the courthouse and judges are off the clock by 5pm on Thursdays.

Oh, bless his heart.

The Cherry On Top

The unfaithful paramour who drove up to Stinnett, tossed his former lady love and her five kids out of their house the week before Christmas because her dealbreaker was "no cheating"? On his way back to Amarillo, he found himself in a three car collision on Highway 136.

Maggie Love
Maggie Love

Yes. That wreck.

Maggie Love

Guess who he called first?

The Girl in Stinnett. Who then called the ambulance for him, concerned for his safety. In return, he sweetly promised that he would return the very next day with movers and the Sheriff to finish the business of evicting her.


I think I need a nap now.

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