When it comes to driving in Texas, there can be a lot of frustrations. One thing we have a ton of is yield signs, and sometimes you've got two yield signs in the same place.

One that comes to mind is the yield sign at Bell and I-40. As you turn right onto the frontage road, there's the overpass loop there that ALSO has a yield sign. You end up in a standoff as to who goes first.

The yield signs I can deal with though. Ultimately everyone gets to go so it doesn't affect my mental state too much. Do you know what DOES get me though?

Entering the freeway here. My goodness, what a mess.

In all my years of driving, I've never been more frustrated or confused as to who slows down when there are cars entering the freeway in Amarillo. My most recent place of residence prior to Amarillo was Austin. The one thing Austin had was LONG on-ramps to get on the freeway. You could be up to speed before even entering the highway, so it was an easy merge.

Amarillo has a tendency to have very SHORT on-ramps, and it doesn't always allow you time to get up to speed and merge with the traffic already on the interstate. It becomes a game of cat and mouse out there and is very irritating.

So I dug into what needs to happen when you get into a situation where you're attempting to get to speed on the interstate, but just can't slide in easily.

In Texas, the right of way belongs to those already on the highway. It's the responsibility of the driver entering the interstate to get up to speed as fast as possible. With such short on-ramps here, that can be nearly impossible at times.

Stopping on the on-ramp is not your best idea as it's hard to merge on at that point. You have to punch the gas and try to get up to speed as quickly as possible, and it jams up the on-ramp creating a mess for others potentially behind you.

Everyone should be able to keep their momentum moving forward, whether it's cars already on the interstate or those trying to merge. The cars already on the interstate should only have to slow down if they feel it's their only option to avoid a collision or if they can't switch lanes safely to open up the entering lane.

So the long and the short of it is this. DON'T STOP on the on-ramp unless you simply cannot merge onto the highway safely. Keep some kind of speed, whether slow or fast so you can slide in easier and not create a mess behind you.

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