We all have these incredibly fond memories of our childhood that just stick out, right?

For some, it's bad memories of an injury. Maybe it's when you moved on to high school.

I think one memory that we can all agree upon though is listening for the sound of the ice cream truck jingling its way down our street.

We'd hear that glorious music, and each truck seemed to have a different song that would play. Sometimes it was a familiar one you could sing the words with, other times it was a song you've never heard but immediately knew what it was.

You'd grab whatever chore money you had made so far and ran out the front door, leaving it open behind you. Your mom or dad screaming at you asking what you were doing. Then, they heard that music, that oh so glorious song. You were ready to buy ice cream and maybe even those candy cigarettes we used to think we just so cool.

As I was trolling around on Reddit, I saw that someone had posted an interesting topic. Is there a map of where ice cream trucks have a tendency to drive around?

What an amazing idea. I mean, I've got kids of my own now and they do the same thing I did when I was a kid and heard that music. Wouldn't it be nice if we knew where the ice cream man was patrolling around Amarillo?

Not every neighborhood seems to get them, but I can tell you a lot of kids would like to be hanging out at a friend's house if they knew the ice cream man was going to roll down their street.

So here's my idea, drop a comment below (it can be anonymous of course) and let me know what street, or streets, you've heard the ice cream man coming down so far. I kind of want a Choco Taco or one of those ice cream treats that has a piece of bubble gum for the nose.

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