The summer slump has hit for a lot of organizations in Amarillo.  People are not on schedules, lots of families are taking vacations, and therefore saving every dime for their vacations.  During the summer, donations into our non-profit organizations slows way down.

That is what is happening to the High Plains Food Bank.  The HPFB serves 29 counties in the Texas Panhandle.  They also serve the Kids Cafe and the new senior programs among others.

Just because summer rolls around doesn't mean the need for food stops, it actually increases.  Keep in mind the people they serve work, but sometimes that paycheck just doesn't stretch far enough.  Sometimes that senior makes a choice to pay for that extra prescription instead of food.

That's why the High Plains Food Bank needs your help in these summer months.   Yes, they are always willing to take food donations but what they are need now is monetary donations.

Did you know that for every dollar donated the High Plains Food  Bank can turn that dollar into 8-10 meals.

So if you can help out the High Plains Food Bank please donate to them this summer and all year round if possible.  It's about helping out our neighbors in need.

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