'Supernatural' fan-favorite Castiel may have lost his wings in the season 8 finale "Sacrifice," but it seems star Misha Collins may be the one sweating a lack of grace. The actor recently answered fan questions at a 'Supernatural' event, somewhat jokingly espousing his own views that the CW series has been "gratuitously misogynistic" in its past treatment of women, the most prominent characters of which often die gruesome deaths.

The exchange took place during a New Jersey 'Supernatural' convention this past May, wherein Collins answered questions about the long-running CW drama's relationship with feminism, and his own occasional frustration with the writing. "I think that there are small ways in which the show is gratuitously misogynistic when it doesn't need to be," Collins said amid agreements from the crowd. "It kind of makes me cringe sometimes."

This isn't the first time 'Supernatural' has defended allegations of misogyny, as many of the female characters on the show have either been killed off or sidelined in favor of the more central Winchester brothers, as tends to be the nomadic nature of the series. Collins did point out Felicia Day's "Charlie" character as a positive influence on the show yet to meet an untimely fate, but also noted the character isn't "a threat to the boys" in a romantic way.

Collins' role as the (formerly) angelic Castiel was returned to series regular status for the upcoming ninth season, following a two-season downgrade to recurring, but it remains to be seen if the writers or Collins will add any further thoughts to the acerbic exchange.

What say you? Does Misha Collins have a point about the show's misogynistic tendencies? What would you like to see the series change going into season 9? Watch the exchange below, and give us your thoughts in the comments!

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