The last time we checked on Jet Blue insane pilot Clayton Osborn, he was found not guilty by reason of insanity, suspended from work, and transported to a mental health facility in Ft. Worth.  He's been in a mental facility ever since, and has had yet another meltdown.

Bad news for him, because he was up for review very soon!  But now, with him having an episode at the mental health facility in Ft. Worth, he's there at least through mid October!

Amarillo Globe News reports:

A forensic psychologist e-mailed the court Friday advising the court of the episode and the warden at the Fort Worth facility requested that the pilot’s evaluation period be extended 30 days to Oct. 15. U.S. District Judge Mary Lou Robinson ordered the extension Wednesday.

Hey, in my opinion, the more time this guy spends getting help, and away from airplanes, the better!

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