Swae Lee has responded to news that his ex-girlfriend Marliesia Ortiz offered money to have him killed and later took the claim back. On Saturday (Dec. 28), he addressed the drama on Instagram.

"I’m waaaaay to cute for drama I been SINGLE for a minute 2020 I’ll clear things up," he captioned two photos of himself. "I’m just the type of nigga that does all my romance behind the scenes not on camera ..........been this way for a minute 💔Instagram has a weird way of fooling people 😔some of the things that were publicized didn’t speak for or represent me well , but don’t worry I’ll clear things up soon ...PS X CLOUT IS ONE HELL OF A DRUG !!!"

See Swae's post below.

Swae Lee's ex-girlfriend, Marliesia Ortiz, is backpedaling after video surfaced of her putting a $20,000 bounty on the Rae Sremmurd rapper.

The video of the crazy encounter began to surface on Saturday (Dec. 28). In the clip, which was apparently posted by Ortiz on her own Instagram Story, she stands a distance from the rapper yelling while Swae and another man examine his Lamborghini SUV.

"Look at this bum ass nigga right here," she yells. "I tried to bust out his window, he's a broke ass bitch."

Even more disturbingly,  the video is even captioned, "Someone kill him I got $20k cash for you."

In another clip, she taunts the rapper as he appears to be distancing himself from the situation.

"Get in your fucking Uber, bitch, goodbye," she snaps.

The video has spread across social media causing Ortiz to speak up. She claims the bounty she proposed was not indeed real and says she was just in her feelings.

"I was mad and meant nothing I said," she posted on Instagram. "We good now u guys can chill."

This is not the first time the two have had issues that went public. Back in September, she was arrested following a fight with Swae. During that incident, the two reportedly got into an argument that lead to Ortiz throwing things at the Mississippi rapper and eventually headbutting him in the face. She allegedly called the police and claimed Swae sexually assaulted her before changing her story when they arrived.

In March, she accused Swae of cheating and being verbally abusive.

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