After months of traveling on the road, T-Pain is taking a hiatus to rest his voice.

On Thursday night (April 25), the 33-year-old singer went on his Instagram page and posted a video informing his fans that, under his doctor's orders, he must take a break from music to avoid permanently damaging his vocal cords.

"The truth of the matter is, I haven't been taking good care of myself," he explains in the video. "After my last couple of shows I started getting a few pains in my throat and I went to my doctor."

Pain goes on to say that the prognosis from his doctor wasn't a favorable one.

"And yeah, he basically told me that I had to get off the road immediately or I'm going to start permanent damage to my voice," he continues. "And if you know what I do, you know that's the most important part of what I got going on."

T-Pain, who admits to having performed back-to-back shows over the last couple of months, goes on to explain that he had to get a shot in addition to taking a bunch of pills for the next six days during his recovery. He also adds that he's not canceling any future shows, just rescheduling them until further notice.

"Sorry guys. I’ll be back out there soon," T-Pain captioned the video. "Take care of yourself out there. My apologies to all the schools and venues. I wanna be 100% on that stage and give my all but I wouldn’t be able to in my current condition. Rescheduling is happening as we speak. Thank you for understanding. Again, my sincere apologies. Pizzle."

Here's to hoping T-Pain makes a speedy recovery. Check out his video message to his fans below.

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