prank call

Phone Tap: J.Lo Needs A Room
Jubal calls a woman who works at a front desk at a hotel. The hotel is fully booked but that won’t stop Jubal from trying to secure a room for his A-List client, maybe you’ve heard of her... Jennifer Lopez.
Phone Tap: Cell Phone Dentistry
Jubal calls a woman who has been avoiding the dentist for a few years and she’s been having some tooth pain. He’s gonna need to check out that tooth over the phone. You’ll see what he means soon enough.
Phone Tap: Bar Mitzvah Boob Cake
Jubal calls a special bakery that does custom cakes and he has a peculiar request for a cake. The baker seems very hesitant to complete the order though, and you can probably figure out why.
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Phone Tap: Furniture Friends
Jubal calls a guy who recently installed a hardwood floor in his condo. Now, Jubal has a bunch of questions about the work he’s done. These aren't your typical questions though, because Jubal's furniture are his friends and he doesn't take kindly to his friends being d…
Phone Tap: You Ain’t No Broadway Singer
Jubal poses as a high school principal and the school is in trouble. The singer they booked for an event canceled at the last minute and so Jubal calls a student’s mother to try and get HER to replace the singer. She'll have to audition on the spot for Principal Jubal...
Phone Tap: Jerry The Tooth Fairy Is Back
“Jerry the Tooth Fairy” is back! Jerry is a 42-year-old guy who loves acting like the tooth fairy and he’s got his eye on a new neighbor to welcome to the community. Talk about creepy.
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