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‘Walking Dead’ Star Scott Wilson Dead at 76
Scott Wilson, an actor best known to contemporary audiences for playing Hershel on the earlier seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead, has passed away at the age of 76. The actor’s representative confirmed the news to TMZ today, noting that Wilson passed away peacefully at his home in Los A…
Amarillo's Top 10 TV Shows
After a long day or week, you know you like to unwind with your favorite show. Do you flip on the old DVR or log in to your favorite streaming service? No matter where you go for your show, here are the top 10 shows Amarillo loves.
'Supernatural' Gives 'Walking Dead' Cameo to Lucille
Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s long list of genre credits let the boys of Supernatural have a bit of fun with their dad busting skulls on The Walking Dead, but the two crossing paths onscreen is another matter. A familiar foe popped up on last night’s Supernatural, connecting universes with log…

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