There are always benefits to living in Amarillo.  It is just big enough to be a city, but small enough to have local farmers around.  If you love fresh fruits and vegetables, then you need to check out the Golden Spread Farmers Market

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning me and my son get up extra early to hit up the farmers market.  It is the perfect place to go and get the best fruits and vegetables from local farmers.

The farmers gather in the Sunset Center's east parking lot and set up their produce for sale.  The produce is beautiful and fresh.  You can get everything from okra to corn, watermelon to blackberries.  And they all come at a great price.

If you have never been to a farmers market, I encourage you to make a trip.  You will not be disappointed.  If you do decide to go, get up early because the produce goes fast.  Plus you want to be able to pick from the best!

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