Taylor Swift‘s expressive face is the biggest star of her video for her No. 1, record-breaking single ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.’

The singer addresses the viewer by singing the lyrics directly into the camera, acknowledging and embracing its presence.

The video looks as quirky as the song sounds, which was Swift’s intention, and it chronicles the relationship that is over and done with, but somehow keeps popping back up in her life despite her best efforts to let it die.

Much of the action takes place in her apartment, which looks decorated in items purchased at Anthropologie. At first wearing really ugly, fuddy duddy flowery pajamas that look jacked from your grandmother’s armoire, black serial killer glasses and crimson-painted lips, Swift filmed the video in one take, so all the costume changes (there are five for her) are live. She is surrounded by band members playing instruments while wearing animal costumes. Remember, she did say she wanted it to be quirky, and she succeeded.

Some of the relationship’s happy days are shown, but for the most part, it’s Swift emoting on camera, using her face, her eyes and her hands to mimic the sentiments of the lyrics. She points. She looks confused. She smirks.

All in all, Swift isn’t afraid to geek out or to get her nerd on, in her styling and her dance party, which also inexplicably takes place in her apartment. She’s embracing her inner nerd, all the while shaking off that lame ex that lingers like a bad cough in January.

The song is cute. The video is cute. Swift is cute. It’s a vortex of cuteness. Just let yourself be sucked in and sing along to “We-eeeeeeeeeeeeee are never, ever, getting back together.” Don’t even try and fight it. It’s futile. The song will always win since it’s that darn catchy. The video keeps that theme going.

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