The green scourge affecting youth in America! DUN DUN DUN! Illicit drug use among teenagers has continued to rise, and a major factor is due to the popularity of marijuana. Synthetic marijuana is a new and major concern. Many different synthetic types are out, some known as Spice or K2, synthetic marijuana refers to herbal mixtures.Some dangerous drugs have even been named after harmless everyday household products like bathsalts, for instance. High school students are among the many to try these.In my experience here at Palo Duro High School, I have seen a variety of drug use, but Palo Duro is not the only school that encounters these problems. It’s amazing sometimes to realize that at such a young age we are exposed to so many illegal products. Sometimes my classmates come back after lunch with the glaze over their eyes, and you know what they’ve been doing during their break. It’s one of the many wonders that haunts me – how one small hit can make you so happy for such a small amount of time.The fact that they are illegal should be enough to keep people from doing drugs. Why would you do that when you can love – that’s legal. There are many other hobbies and activities that people can partake in that don’t harm you and that are very fulfilling.

Many people overlook alcohol as an dangerous drug as well, but it is. 40 percent of those who started drinking at age 13 or younger developed alcohol dependence later in life. Ten percent of teens who began drinking after the age of 17 developed dependence to it. Many of my classmate’s party just about every weekend and at these parties they undergo a variety of illegal activities. I don’t understand why people can not wait. Or why they are always trying to find another way t to get their next little fix. We are at such a young age and are more vulnerable to the many problems that come after it. Let's just take some time out to think about this, people!

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