We know there are some who are still on the fence about the upcoming 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' film, but going by the awesome new footage we saw at Comic-Con 2014, this movie might surprise you. If you want to know more about the work that went into bringing your beloved childhood heroes back to the big screen, check out our interviews with star Megan Fox, director Jonathan Liebesman, and the producers, straight from San Diego.

We had a chance to talk to Megan Fox, who plays April O'Neil in 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' (above), as well as director Jonathan Liebesman and producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller (videos below) at Comic-Con about what we can expect from the new movie, the reaction from fans in San Diego, and mutant turtles -- obviously.

Fox talked with us about the work that effects studio ILM put into making the turtles and why they look a little different from the 'TMNT' gang we grew up with -- ILM wanted to create characters who looked more similar to what would happen to actual turtles if they were mutated after coming into contact with toxic waste.

Director Jonathan Liebesman also talked with us about the tone of the film, which is actually more comedic than you might think after seeing the first trailers, while the producers discussed how nervous they were to bring this footage to Comic-Con.

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' stars Johnny Knoxville, Alan Ritchson, Noel Fisher, and Jeremy Howard as the titular heroes on a half shell, along with Will Arnett, William Fichtner, and Whoopi Goldberg. The film hits theaters on August 8.

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