Two 13-year-old girls got more than just tan-lines when they decided to sunbathe on a rural road. The unfortunate accident took place in Economy, PA, when a 19-year-old man in a vehicle didn’t see the girls lying on the road and ran over them. To make things even more unfortunate – the guy behind the wheel was someone the girls knew.

The teen girls were suntanning when they fell asleep. The driver stopped at a corner, but ran over the girls when he took the turn and didn’t notice the girls on the ground. Needless to say, a scream alerted him of their presence. Things got worse when he realized one of the girls on the road was his cousin. The ambulance were called, and the girls were then airlifted to a Pittsburgh hospital where they, fortunately, are out of life-threatening danger, so we can point and laugh at them without feeling bad.

Check out this news report from WTAE who covered this bizarre accident.

Let that be a lesson to you: don’t lie in the road. Although why anybody needed to be taught that lesson is completely beyond us.

[Via Gawker]

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