News headlines the past couple of days have highlighted a new law in the state of Texas that increases the age a person has to be in order to visit or work at a gentlemens club. You now have to be 21.

Before this, some members of the staff could be 18 and older. If a place was BYOB, then it could be 18 and over. Not anymore.

The idea is that raising the age will help in the fight against human trafficking. In fact, there was a group of dancers who helped lobby to make this happen. You can read about it here.

Someone that had read a previous piece I wrote about a full nude establishment in Amarillo passed along the info about this to me. My response was, "So?"

Amarillo isn't a gentlemens club-friendly town, at least when the City is involved. If you'll remember, zoning laws have been changed to pretty much get them out of town without forcefully getting them out of town.

As far as the age you have to be to get in, I'm not sure. I would assume 21 and up, but I've never been out to there to find out, so I can't speak with authority on the subject. If they were 18 and up, they're not now.

I do wonder if this includes bikini clubs. Amarillo has dabbled in bikini clubs in the past. Do they technically get lumped in with other gentlemens clubs; or are they just a spring break version of Hooters? I've never been to one.

Either way, Amarillo still lives up to the reputation of being an island unto itself. The state is cracking down on strip clubs? We've been doing that for a while here in the Panhandle.

*Flips hair*

Keep up, Lone Star State.

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