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A house that was the site of a particularly heinous and brutal family murder is coming up for auction, based on a listing at and the Facebook page Died in House.

The estimated value for the property is slightly below $300,000 for the 4-bedroom Ft. Worth house. There are no interior photos of the home, and the number of bathrooms is listed as zero, which likely indicates the number of baths is unknown. The auction for the property will begin on June 1st, 2021:

This foreclosure investment property is a great opportunity to rehab and flip for potential profit or rent out for long-term income. It is located in Tarrant County in the city of Fort Worth. Be ready to bid and buy at auction on 06-01-2021.

What the listing does not mention is that this house is the site of a particularly heinous family murder. A murder so disturbing that it allegedly left a mortuary worker with post-traumatic stress disorder after seeing the bodies:

Jeremy Glen Hoes is suing Accucare Mortuary Services saying he was fired for threatening to file a workers compensation claim after performing work on Shanna Riddle Vandewege and her 3-month old son, Diederick.

Shanna and Diederick both died after having their throats cut, and the man awaiting trial for their murder is Shanna's husband and father to Diederick, Craig Vandewege. From the Star-Telegram:

...the 36-year-old mother and her infant son were found dead inside the family’s north Fort Worth home in the 8500 block of Cactus Flower Drive [...] the Tarrant County medical examiner ruled the baby’s death a homicide, caused by an “incised wound of neck” or cut neck.

Craig Vandewege is awaiting trial for the murder that happened six years ago, a trial that has been delayed twice due to COVID-19. According to affidavits, Craig had told coworkers he dreamed of killing his family:

He described a dream that he "sliced the heads of his wife and father like bologna," his co-worker told Fort Worth police, the arrest affidavit, obtained by the Daily News, states.

Vandewege, 35, allegedly also told the co-worker that he wished he pushed his pregnant wife "down the stairs and kill her that way," the affidavit states.

After allegedly killing his wife and son, Vandewege fled to Colorado, where a man called him in for acting suspiciously. The man reported Vandewege had told him he was driving to meet Donald Trump in Las Vegas.

Texas law does require that any known murders be disclosed to potential buyers, but I have a feeling those facts will be mentioned as briefly as possible during the transaction of this particular sale. Buyer beware, indeed.

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