It's a natural part of life, right? It's something that our bodies and minds crave. It's something that can be explored in many different ways and be new every time.

Yes, I'm talking about sex Texas, and we seem to like it more than most states.

How exactly do I know this? No, I didn't go around and take a survey asking people if they enjoy it. The website Mattress Next Day took care of that for us, and the results were rather interesting.

So what was the criteria for figuring this out? They simply analyzed the search volumes for sex and sex-related terms. This is literally anything for looking for things to do in the bedroom, down to sex education searches. Did Texas end up number one on this list? Not quite, but we did land in the top 10.

Coming in at number one was New York. It seems to me that sitting in all that traffic brings about a bunch of stress, however not ALL of those searches are for bedtime. They also had the highest sex education search index at 32.2.

Texas checks in at number eight on the list. With 579,550 total searches for sex in the state, it lands us with an index score of 190.01. So what does the index score mean? It means on average, there were 190 searches with the term sex in it per 10,000 residents.

That's a pretty fair amount of searches I'd say, which means people here are having a pretty solid evening once the lights go out.

So what's the most searched thing when it comes to sex in general? That would be sexual positions. There were over 1,000,000 searches for that term across the country, so it would appear people are looking for fun and different ways to spice things up in the bedroom.

Second most searched thing? BDSM if you can believe it. That number was about half the number of searching for sexual positions with 588,260. It looks like we're still very much '50 Shades of Grey' minded across the country. Other top searches in the top 10 were things like arousal, foreplay, and libido.

Looks like if you need to borrow a cup of sugar from your neighbor and the lights are out, you may want to just wait until morning. Something tells me Texans aren't answering the door.

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