Commuters in the major cities are gonna love this.

Toll roads can definitely help speed up your commute. However, if you use them daily it can definitely be a pretty expensive trip around town. House Bill 436 would make toll roads become part of the state highway system after the project is paid off. So everyone would be allowed to use that part of the highway once the project has been paid off.

I am 100% for this, but I am sure the state of Texas does not want to lose that revenue. We will see if this passes, but I think it sounds like a great idea. "The government’s job is to provide roads that are funded through existing tax structures, and historically the legislature has underfunded transportation causing the need for toll roads. With recent increases in transportation funding, Texas needs a strategy to rid our roadways of toll roads.” Representative Matt Shaheen said in a release. “Collin County citizens are paying a disproportionate amount of their earnings on toll roads, and that needs to be addressed.“

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