Try to be a nice person and let the mailman use your restroom. Then this happens.

Back in February, over in Pasadena, Texas. Bryon Milton was delivering packages to Triche Thomas. Triche says that Bryon asked to use the restroom when he delivered the packages, she said yes. Byron was in the restroom for awhile and Triche asked what was going on? Bryon then walked into the living room nude.

Triche then asked Byron to leave, but he just went back to the restroom. Byron is still in the restroom and Triche asked what he was doing now? Bryon said to come see and that is when Triche says she saw him pleasuring himself in her restroom. Byron left after he was done and Triche called the authorities.

"This man invaded my home and came in here and did this egregious, flagrant crap," Triche Thomas said. Court records say Milton admitted to the act and said he used his "position as a mail carrier to meet Thomas." Bryon Milton has been charged with indecent exposure.

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