If you kill a snake, do not go immediately pick it up. This is why!

Above I have put a clip from National Geographic that I saw years ago and why I do not mess with snakes. It shows a rattlesnake with its head cut off and still alive. Turns out reptiles still have their reflexes up to an hour after they're dead. You can see the snake above attempt to bite (1:22 mark), even though it is only the head there.

That is exactly what happened in Corpus Cristi, Texas last Sunday. Jennifer Sutcliffe and her husband were doing weekend yard work when she spotted a four-foot rattlesnake. She said her husband quickly took his shovel and severed the snake's head, but moments later when he bent down to dispose of the snake, the snake's head bit him.

Since the snake was in distress from dying, it released all of its venom into Mr. Sutcliffe. He began having seizures and losing vision during the trip to the hospital. Even after being administered several doses of anti-venom, Jennifer was told her husband might not make it.

The average person when bitten gets two to four doses of anti-venom, Sutcliffe received twenty-six doses of anti-venom. He is currently in stable condition but is having kidney issues. Doctors say dying from a snake bite is rare, as long as people get to an emergency room as soon as possible.

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