This father has some explaining to do. Or does he?

A man was spotted dragging his daughter latching her hair to the cart while they shopped in Cleveland, Tex. Walmart on Monday.

Another shopper, Erika Burch, snapped some photos and shared them on social media, where it caught fire and generated a slot of response.

Burch says he approached the unidentified man. "I said, 'Hey you need to let her hair go,' and he said, 'No you need to mind your own business.'"

Other shoppers claim the dad was disciplining the girl for misbehaving.

The police department is looking into the matter after Burch contacted it.

While many people were quick to condemn the man's actions, there are others who say it's not their place to judge and they should mind their own business.

What do you think? Was the father wrong or should he be allowed to punish his child as he sees fit?

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