Would you be angry or thankful in this situation?

I really don't know what to think of this next story because these are the nicest joyriders maybe in the history of the world. Over in San Antonio, Glenn Cable had his car stolen from him on Saturday. He called the police and thought his car was gone forever. Wouldn't you know it, on Tuesday they found his car completely intact. He does admit, it was a little dirty, but no damage was done.

In fact, the car is in better condition other than the dirt. "My Prius has never drove better," Cable said. "I was hoping that I'd check my finances and they paid this month's car payment too." They filled it up with gas and even filled his tires up with air. Whoever stole his car for a joyride did steal something he really liked. A pair of white Crocs, I'm not making this up. He's really upset his Crocs got stolen.

"I am most heartbroken that they stole my white Crocs," Cable said. "I have three pairs of Crocs. They were my favorite pair. If you see anyone with a pair of white Crocs and great fashion sense, let the police know." Steal this man's car, but you better return his best pair of Crocs stat.

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