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Recently we talked about the need that Texas Panhandle Pet Savers had for supplies taking care of orphaned pets. By orphaned we mean abandoned litters of dogs and cats, the mother died, or the animals have special needs that keep them from being fed.

The good news is that the response was immediate, and Texas Panhandle Pet Savers were able to get some much-needed supplies. It was a good start, but more is needed.

It's more than just food that is needed. Some of these animals that are taken in require a lot of attention. They need oxygen, incubators, sub dermal hydration, bottles, supplements, heating pads, and several other items to make sure these animals are taken care of.

The most recent litter that found its way to Texas Panhandle Pet Savers was a litter of six, five day old puppies discovered by the City after the mother had been hit.

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You can help the Texas Panhandle Pet Savers by purchasing an item for them off of their Amazon wish list. Items range in price, and many are actually pretty cheap.

The items on the wish list are those needed to care for these puppies and kittens that are orphaned.

You can find their Amazon wish list by following this link. You can also keep up with the latest updates from Texas Panhandle Pet Savers by checking out their Facebook page at this link.

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Be sure to follow their page if you are interested in helping out, or if you are interested in adopting a pet. If you are unable to help with the Amazon Wish List a simple share of this article helps just as much.