She says she made a simple request and she feels like this was on purpose.

Over in Baytown, Texas Yesenia Sanchez went for a chicken sandwich at a local Whataburger. She requested a different type of bread that is not normally on the sandwich and went home to enjoy her meal. When she bit into the sandwich it tasted wrong. She opened it up and appears as if a clump of mud was in her sandwich.

She called the restaurant and was told to come back. The manager apologized for this, gave her a refund and said the employees would be spoken to. She feels like this was not a mistake and intentional since she made a different request for her sandwich.

"I handled the situation calmly and [I was] collected even though what they did to me was foul," Sanchez said. "[I] feel sorry for the boys that cooked my sandwich [and I] hope they get help with the problems that led them to do that." Whataburger has not released a statement on this situation yet.

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