A tragic story out of Pasadena, TX, as a man was reportedly gunned down in front of his 3-year-old son, by the boy's mother.

ABC13 reports that the man, Gregory Kirk, had been an ongoing victim of domestic abuse and was in the process of getting out of his marriage to their son's mother Samantha Washington

"That's his weakness, his son, and she got them outside," said Kirk's sister, Chentovia Kirk. "The little baby was in the truck. He wanted to see him, and he came out." His sister added that he was a family man who really loved his children and wanted the marriage to work.

"It even got to the point where he distanced himself from the family because of all the abuse that she was doing to him," said Gregory's aunt, Barbara Brown.

The ruthless murder took place Tuesday, and investigators say the suspect had planned to kill herself, but she was arrested before she could carry out that plan.

Washington is facing charges for murder and evading arrest. Now, his family hopes to get custody of their three children.

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