Thanksgiving Dinner takes a lot of time and prep.  It's an labor of love.  From baking the turkey, to cooking the stuffing, to making the pies.  It takes forever and it is exhausting.  What if you didn't have to cook all that food?  All you had to do was order it and pick it up, then warm it up on Thanksgiving Day?

Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey

Delvin's has Thanksgiving in the bag.  They have several different packages to choose from, that include Turkey or ham.

Let Rudy's Smoke up a Turkey or Ham or both for your Thanksgiving Meal.  Then don't forget to add all their delicious sides from corn, to potato salad, beans or coleslaw.

Give Calico County a call today and order up your turkey and dressing and all the fixings.  Then pick it up on November 22nd.  Then on Thanksgiving all you have to do is heat everything up and dinner is served.

Looking for a great Thanksgiving Meal that's homemade with fresh ingredients that you don't have to make.  Zemer's Deli can take care of you.  I know you don't think Zemer's when you think Thansgiving, but try it out and you won't be disappointed.

They offer full dinners for your Thanksgiving that range from Turkey to Ham.

Furrs has a great Thanksgiving meal that feeds 10-12 people and the best thing, it is cheaper than if you went out and bought all the groceries and cooked it yourself.  Order now through Tuesday, November 21st.

They have several choices available for your Thanksgiving meal.

Looking for a healthier Thanksgiving, Eat-Rite Offers Organic Thanksgiving meals

Not only are they serving Thanksgiving in their restaurant, they have Thanksgiving to Go. It starts with a meal that serves up to 6.

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