The weather in 2022 here has been...interesting to say the least.

We've had random storms pop up at weird times, more wind than we normally get (from what I've been told at least), and crazy mood swings with the temperature.

This weekend is going to provide another temperature mood swing as we head into the 100+ degree range, and that may just signal the true start of summer here in the 806.

So how do you manage to stay cool when it's so crazy hot outside? It's relatively impossible to stay FULLY cool, but there are some things you can do to try and cut the heat a little bit. Here's just a few ways you can try to beat the heat this weekend.


You know what's funny, I always thought in hot weather it was smarter to wear things like dri-fit type shirts. Anytime I'm out with my kid's baseball teams coaching, that's what I look for. Well, apparently I'm wrong for that.

In hot weather, they recommend you wear loose-fitting shirts made of something like cotton or linen. The obvious thing here is to make sure it's a light-colored shirt, white would be even better, as dark colors absorb light and will make you hotter.


A lot of us resort to finding something cool to drink when we're hot. We feel it cools down our internal body temperature and gives us the feeling of being cooler. Throwing some water bottles in the freezer and then pulling them out to let the ice melt seems like a good idea.

You're right on the frozen water bottle thing, but not on the melting the ice part. Take that frozen water bottle and place it at your pulse points, such as behind your ear, on your wrist, etc. to cool down your body temp.


A lot of us still use those incandescent light bulbs in our home. I know I do, they're far cheaper to buy when they go out. However, LED lights are not only brighter, but they're also cooler.

When I say cooler, I mean in a heat sense. They say the LED light bulbs don't get as hot or radiate as much heat as the incandescent ones, so when you've got the lights on in the house, you're actually making it hotter with those incandescent bulbs shining bright.

These are just a few of the tips from this Tenet Health article I found. There are seven more tips to keep yourself a bit cooler this weekend, and throughout the summer. Check them out and utilize them!

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