It's been a great run and partnership with the team here at 96.9 KISS-FM in Amarillo and the team on the Bobby Bones Morning show out of Austin, TX.  But, as is life, things change, people change, nothing is forever.  It is with a heavy heart, yet an exciting feeling of something new coming all in one, that we say "goodbye" to the Bobby Bones Morning Show!  As Bobby and the crew have accepted a position on a Country Music radio station in Nashville.

It's always sad to see a friend, basically a family member, leave.  However, with change, comes opportunity for something even better than the product delivered by the Bobby Bones Show!

The fact is, Bobby Bones never defined 96.9 KISS-FM as a radio station, you as a listener are what defines 96.9 KISS-FM as a radio station, you make us what we are! 96.9 KISS-FM was built by you 5 years ago, and Bobby wasn't around then, so together, from you as a listener, to me, Angel & Tommy as DJ's, we've always been together making a great radio station with or without the Bobby Bones Show from the start!  This takes me back to the days when KISS first came on in Amarillo, wasn't it exciting?  Well, trust me when I say we're all just back at that point!  The point of more "NEW & FRESH TO COME"! 

Yes, Bobby is leaving to pursue a different opportunity, and we do wish the best for him, but at the same, the ones that were here from the beginning are still here and will always be here :)  Myself, Tommy and Angel aren't going anywhere :)

And we hope we can count on you for your continued support of 96.9 KISS-FM as we go through a change in the mornings!  It's very exciting to look at all the options and to know that we can find something even better than what we had!

BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS ARE COMING SOON TO THE MORNING SHOW SLOT!  Me, Tommy & Angel are all stoked about the near future, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Remember, from Angel Dee, to me, to Tommy The Hacker, we're all here all day to provide you with the songs you want to hear, your requests, your engaging and entertaining content, the speed trap information, all that stuff we've always done, because we ain't going NO WHERE :)

In the meantime, hey enjoy all the extra music you're going to be getting in the morning.  And tell us how you feel about it!

Thanks so much for your continued support of 96.9 KISS-FM!

~Dallas Chambers



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