Did you know there is a restaurant called Cadillac Ranch? Oddly enough, the Cadillac Ranch restaurant is no where near Cadillac Ranch.

In fact, the Cadillac Ranch restaurant chain isn't even in Texas. You'll have to plan out one heck of a road trip to get there.

Where Is The Cadillac Ranch Restaurant

The Cadillac Ranch restaurant touts itself as being a little bit country, and whole lot of rock n' roll. According to their Facebook page, they have six locations. None of them are even remotely close to our graffiti covered national treasure.

Their locations are in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Florida, and Mall of America.

What Does It Look Like On The Inside

The interior decor is a mashup of Route 66 nostalgia and rock n' roll legends. They have multiple bars, a menu that's "made from scratch," and a mechanical bull.

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Why is there a mechanical bull? I'm assuming because every restaurant in America should have one. Don't fight me on this. You know I'm right.

What's On The Cadillac Ranch Menu

The menu has a lot of the standard Bar & Grill items you'd expect. There's the "Texas Jumbo" wings, fried pickles, Rocky Mountain oysters.

I've scoured their websites, and looked through the social media linked on the website, and I can't find much of a tie to the home of half buried cars on Route 66. This begs the question, why the name?

Mother Road Inspiration or Chris LeDoux Fandom

When you visit the website, you do get a glimpse of one of the bars. It looks like Route 66 gets plenty of love. The mural above the bar features road signs and iconic cacti.

Cadillac Ranch is one of the most iconic road side attractions adorning the old mother road. With the ties to rock n' roll and Route 66, maybe this is where the name comes from.

The only other explanation I could come up with is possibly an homage to the country-rock classic 'Cadillac Ranch' by Chris LeDoux. Either way, the Cadillac Ranch restaurant is no where near Cadillac Ranch.

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