James Wan's 'The Conjuring' was the surprise hit of the summer, skyrocketing at the box office to become one of the most profitable horror films of all time. While a sequel is already in the works, Warner Bros. and New Line are also plotting a spin-off film -- and that film will star none other than Annabelle, the creepy, possessed doll based on a real doll that terrorized human lives. 

Coming Soon reports that the studios are planning an as-yet-unnamed spin-off film featuring that creepy Annabelle doll from 'The Conjuring.' The doll is actually based on a real possessed doll, investigated and thwarted by noted ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren, and shuffled off to their home to be kept in a protective glass case. The real Annabelle's story is just as creepy as what we saw in 'The Conjuring' -- if not creepier -- though the real Annabelle was merely a Raggedy Ann doll and not nearly as sinister-looking as Wan's version.

John Leonetti, who shot 'The Conjuring' for Wan, will direct the film, which is aiming to shoot in spring 2014, meaning we probably won't see Annabelle's horrifying story until the following year. That gives you guys plenty of time to steel yourselves for this experience.

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