You can go to any bar on Soncy, Polk Street, 6th Ave, or any other bar in Amarillo and you will run into one of these guys.If you have been in Guitars and Cadillac’s, Broken Spoke, Texas Fire House, Hoot’s Pub, Butlers, 7 Bar and Grill, here is a check list of “dudes” you will most likely see.



  • 1

    The Swole Dude

    The guy who can't wait to tell you about how much he can bench press. You know, they guy who loves talking about protein and the reps he puts in at the gym. Yeah, that guy...

  • 2

    The "Do You Know Who I Am?" Dude

    He also known as the "I'm A Pretty Big Deal" guy. I've seen this a lot. You get a guy who is the main guy in charge of something and he thinks he is the president of the world. Everyone knows him. This is also the guy if he gets in the public eye one time, he is a "big deal"

  • 3

    The Dancing Dude

    This guy can be pretty entertaining at the bar. Give him a few shots and he is a dancing machine. Just beware, if you get anywhere near the dance floor, you are going to get grind on by this guy.

  • 4

    The Chill Dude

    This dude is a favorite of mine because I can relate. He pays his cover and grabs a stool. He is good with the ladies but he will not cause any problems. He doesn't get drunk and he won't start any fights. He is not the dancing dude, so forget about getting him on the dance floor.

  • 5

    The Frat Dude

    This guy has no shame. He is with his frat bros and they came out with matching outfits. This pack of dudes love to party, they will dance, drink, chill and fight. Most of the time it happens on the same night.

  • 6

    The Old Dude

    There is nothing wrong with being the "Old Dude". Age is nothing but a number. This dude has been coming to the same bar for years. Everyone knows "The Old Dude". He has a name like Cool Chuck or Old Man Joe. He has great stories you love to hear. You might even find him on the dance floor.

  • 7

    The Fighter Dude

    This guy is the guy you don't want in the bar. He gets a little beer in him and it's on. The littlest thing can set him off. Before you know it this guy is fighting someone and getting dragged off by the bouncer.

  • 8

    The Real Cowboy Dude

    The real cowboys wear big belt buckles and they are wild. These guys know a good time. They tend to be real chill and love to flirt with the ladies.

  • 9

    The Fake Cowboy Dudes

    The fake cowboy dudes don't know anything that is "country". All of their clothes are store bought and don't look like they spend any time on the ranch.

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