The Government has shutdown.  They couldn't come to an agreement so it has shutdown.  This affects many people, especially those in our military.  Our military personnel still have to report and do their jobs, but they won't be collecting a paycheck.  Many other government employees are showing up to work and not getting paid as well.

This is the 19th time the government has shutdown since 1976.  Both sides are blaming each other.

So how does this government shut down affect us in Texas?

Impact of the Government Shutdown on Texas (1=Most Affected, 25=Avg.):

  • 32nd - Share of Federal Jobs
  • 13th - Federal Contract Dollars Per Capita
  • 17th - Small Business Lending Per Capita
  • 42nd - Real Estate as a Percentage of GSP
  • 47th - Access to National Parks
  • 8th - % of Children under CHIP
Source: WalletHub

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