There is something in your kitchen that could cause food poisoning. You won't believe what it is.

If you feel like you have food poisoning, you most likely will blame it on something you ate. But before you call the restaurant you ate at recently you might want to read this.

The American Society for Microbiology just had it's annual meeting in Atlanta. One of the studies showed that you can get food poisoning from you kitchen towels.

Researchers looked at hundreds of kitchen towels that were being used for months. They found that a lot of them had a lot of bacteria on them that could cause serious sickness.

This was based off a few things like how many different people use the same towel. Was it used for things like drying dishes or wiping off hands. These factors increase the chances of more bacteria.

One way to lower your risk of getting sick. Wash your hands longer when you are in the kitchen. At least 20 seconds longer under warm soapy water. This will transfer less bacteria to the towel.

Of course try to wash the towel more often. A clean town in the kitchen helps stop the spread of bacteria.

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