It doesn't take long to become familiar with The Nat once you move to Amarillo. The iconic business on Route 66 has an incredible history.

Next month, it celebrates its 100th year in Amarillo.

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100 Years Ago, The Nat Was A Swimming Pool

It was called The Natatorium. Natatorium is just a fancy word for swimming pool. It opened up in the summer of 1922.

The Natatorium was an open-air, enclosed pool. Think of it as an indoor pool without a roof. Except a roof would later be added.

You could argue the addition of the roof made it easier for what came next...

The Nat - Dance Hall, Diner, Concert Venue

When you ask around about The Nat, pretty much no one talks about the days when it was a swimming pool. They always want to tell you stories about Elvis, Little Richard, Duke Ellington, James Dean, and Marilyn Monroe.

The legends just get more and more wild the more you ask around. It's part of what makes The Nat so special.

No matter who played there, ate there, gambled there, or stopped to use the bathroom there, The Nat is an iconic part of Route 66 and Amarillo.


Decades Of Changes At The Nat

The Nat would swap hands a few more times, and there would always be some little change made to it. Eventually, it became what we know it as today.

Today, when you go to The Nat, you're greeted with an insanely impressive selection of vendor spaces to browse through. These vendors deal in antiques, vintage items, new items, and handmade items.

Pretty much anything you can imagine.

One of my favorite new spots on 6th started out as a space at The Nat. I spent a lot of time on the second floor browsing through the High Fidelity space.

Is The Nat Really Haunted?

Again, that depends on who you ask. The only thing as legendary as the people who have performed at The Nat are the ghosts who supposedly haunt it. Everything from unexplained noises to full blown ghosts of women in white are said to haunt The Nat.

Of course, there's no hard evidence to support the claim.

This is all part of what makes The Nat so special. It's an iconic spot in Amarillo on Route 66 that is full of stories and legends.

Happy 100 to The Nat. Here's to 100 more.

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