Hugh Hefner is definitely making a bunch of changes in his life.  The latest change will shock most people, he has decided to sale the famous Playboy Bunny House.

Something is definitely different at the Playboy Mansion.  First, Hugh Hefner decides to spend his birthday watching Casablanca instead of a lavish playboy party.  And now, the famous Bunny House has been put on the market.

The house is 6,000 square feet and features five bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, and a whale-shaped pool.  Yes, a whale shaped food. It sits on 1.3 acres of land in the prestigious Holmby Hills neighborhood and is right across the street from the Playboy Mansion.

Although none of the girls come with the house, if you decide to buy it you will be buying a piece of Playboy history.  And you can it the house filled with memories for only $11 million.

So does this mean that Hef is retiring his lifestyle?  I'm not sure.  But earlier this year he announced that his son Cooper would be taking over the Playboy empire and now that the bunny house is up for sale so something is definitely happening.

I guess we'll have to see.  In my opinion, Hef just turned 87.  He built a huge empire.  Now he deserves to spend the rest of his days lounging around in his pajamas with his 26 year old wife, Crystal.