I find this to be quite hilarious and I know you will too!  Abercrombie & Fitch sent out an official press release yesterday and publicly offered to pay the Jersey Shore cast members money to NOT wear the clothing line!  I gotta say Abercrombie & Fitch just gained major stock points with me!

From TMZ:

As we previously reported, A&F fired off a press release yesterday -- offering Sitch and other "Jersey" cast members money NOT to wear its clothes ... claiming, Sitch goes against the "aspirational nature of its brand."

After Larry Flynt got word of this he jumped right on the opportunity to turn this whole ordeal into a money maker for him!  This dude is sleezy, but quite the genius!  According to a rep for Hustler:

"it has offered to "pay Mr. Sorrentino to wear their clothing so that he can stay well dressed."

I have no doubt the Sitch is going to jump all over this offer from Hustler and will most likely make it his life's mission to get back at A&F.  Heck he may even try to make a break into the XXX industry I think it would really work for him! But I digress.

Who else thinks A&F dissing the Situation and Jersey Shore cast members has been the coolest thing to happen in 2011?

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