***Update again, his execution was carried out this evening, it's a done deal***

The question was posed today, do you think Marvin Wilson should get an appeal on his execution due to a lower IQ?  The state of Texas has scheduled him for lethal injection tonight, but will the Supreme Court intervene?  The short answer, is no.





So what does his IQ have to do with anything?

Well, the general competence standard IQ minimum is 70, so with his IQ being 61, it puts him below the mark and basically categorizes him as a man who is mentally impaired.  So his attorneys are hoping this test, that was administered in 2004, will keep him alive today.

But does that really have validity?  Should people with low IQ’s be treated differently?  And let’s not forget, he could have intentionally did poorly on the test just so he could try and get an appeal!

I took a poll, and 90% of all readers that voted in the poll feel like this man should not be treated any differently than your run of the mill criminal.

Let's see what people on Facebook were saying about the subject:

Jessi Lynn Dorman Do the crime, do the time. ...and your time is up.
Jesskah Martinez you took the words right outta my mouth baybeh ;) lol
Dylan Portwood Druggy and murderer? Take him out. Go ahead and make it a festival and get rid of the rest of them as well. Save our tax money for something we need.
Michelle Ortiz Martinez It's hard to say because he could have used being mentally disabled as an excuse to get off, but then again, those people are not in there right mind. I just learned a tremendous amount of mental health criteria in nursing school. So it's changed my mind on a lot of things, but I'm not saying what he did was right.
Thad Davis A bullet costs much less.
Jesskah Martinez Haha right Dylan? I hate that we have to pay the longer they stay alive.Kasi Lynn Schmitz i agree. go ahead and inject him. (idk if we use the electric chair or not. i no a couple still do as a secondary) cause i can understand if ur insane, thats y we have mental hospitals, but if u got busted with coke...then i'm gonna bet thats why this guys iq is so low. this is the exact reason i wanted to go into criminal psychology. to see who is truly mentally not all there, and who just wants a slap on the wrist

Bryce Jennings i know this is random but keyboardcat should be the one to do the injection :/ just saying that way he can at least laugh before he dies he still deserves what he deserves but at least give him some humor you know?

Well, your update on this story probably wont come as a surprise.

The Nation.com reports:

We are gravely disappointed and profoundly saddened that the United States Supreme Court has refused to intervene to prevent tonight's scheduled execution of Marvin Wilson, who has an I.Q. of 61, placing him below the first percentile of human intelligence. Ten years ago, this Court categorically barred states from executing people with mental retardation. Yet, tonight Texas will end the life of a man who was diagnosed with mental retardation by a court-appointed, board certified specialist.

As you can see, there will be no appeal given.  Will this be justice served tonight?  Or will there be a wrongful execution taking place?

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