There's a few things we love here in Texas. Celebrities and Dairy Queen are definitely two of them. When you combine those things together though, it makes for a perfect experience.

The star of the award winning show "The Texas Bucket List" are coming to the Dairy Queen at 1900 S. Washington St. tomorrow (June 4) from 4-6pm...and you're getting some free ice cream as well just for showing up!

The shows storyteller Shane McAuliffe will be there to take pictures and sign autographs, and you're also gonna get a FREE Dilly Bar or DQ Sandwich just for coming to say hi.

If you don't know about the show, "The Texas Bucket List" goes around to all sorts of different landmarks and iconic locations in Texas. Some you know about, some you may not have until watching the show. A lot of the places visited and highlighted are offbeat museums, restaurants and more. When you're talking about those kinds of things, Dairy Queen falls right into that category.

According to their press release, McAuliffe stated, "Dairy Queen restaurants in Texas are truly iconic" and he's 100% correct.

There are more Dairy Queen locations in Texas than anywhere else in the world, and while there are MANY ice cream places to choose from, Dairy Queen always rises to the top. McAuliffe recognizes that, and it's a big reason as to why he partnered his show with DQ.

Don't miss your chance to grab some free ice cream and meet a celeb tomorrow! June 4 at the Dairy Queen on 1900 S. Washington St. from 4-6pm.

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