Seriously, is the electric grid run by people who only put enough gas in their car to get to the gas station? You don't think something might pop up to require just a bit more?

I know you want to use the word unprecedented, but I don't think you know what that word means. Unprecedented means it hasn't happened before, and we have power outages and brownouts every summer. It happens, quite literally, all the time.

Here in 30 days, people are going to get $600 dollar electric bills, and for what? You may say they're paying for electricity, but they're also paying for service. Having to huddle over a prayer candle with a dog on your feet to stay warm is not service.

So let's get it together, dumb and dumber. Jump in your silly little dog washing van, put on your tuxes and tell whoever is in charge that there needs to be some headroom in the system.

In 2002, the state of Texas thought it would thumb its nose at America’s power grid and went all in with ERCOT. Get this, the second word of their name is honestly, I'm not lying, "reliability." So we have the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. This is the system that goes down during summer heat and winter cold.

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Now, here's the funny thing. Lubbock is not part of ERCOT. Lubbock Power & Light is supposed to join ERCOT in June. Right now, we're busy spending money like a drunken sailor on transmission lines, no doubt on right of way owned by politicians.

Lubbock is currently on the Southwest Power grid and, for some reason, set to join the clusterfluffy that is ERCOT. If this recent winter storm doesn't cause some second thoughts, then I don't know what it would take.

It’s time for the state of Texas to be told to square up and knock this trash off. Each and every year we have legislation on bathroom rights and even whether we should secede from the Union, but we can’t get our electric grid together? Apparently, the crack is good in Austin.

This is your final warning to get it together. If my MILF porn is interrupted one more time I’m going to lose it.

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