I took a quick look at ReverbNation to see who the top Rock artists are in our area. If you're not familiar with ReverbNation, it's a website that features local/regional independent artists. You can read bios, and take in samples of songs from local bands.

Ray Wilson: 15,675 fans

Ray Wilson categorizes himself as a rock/folk rock/folk blues musician. The first sample you get reminds you of something from the softer side of the 90s alt sound. You can check him out HERE.

Cathleen Cat Tyson: 13,676 fans

Cathleen Cat Tyson classifies her sound as a mix between pop/blues/and classic rock. She includes some covers you can hear that feature the full band...including a flute on one track. You can check out Cathleen Cat Tyson HERE.

Starkiller: 3,755 fans

My emo phase came back and kicked me square in the ass with this one the moment I pressed play. Definitely reminds me of my days listening to Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, and so on. You can check out Starkiller HERE.

Bipolar Echo: 3,417 fans

In the words of the great Ray Wylie Hubbard, "Chick singer; bad ass rockin'." Melodic metal fronted by a strong female vocalist. Check out Bipolar Echo HERE.

Larry Don Dunn: 3,091 fans

If you like your Rock sprinkled with a dash of the Almighty, here's Larry Don Dunn. Definitely not Stryper or Petra, but you get the idea. You can check out Larry Don Dunn HERE.

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